Cave 1 (OC&CCR) Dive Course


This is what you need to bring with you:

- at least 18 years old

- at least Advanced Nitrox

- at least 80 logged dives

- safe and experienced use of a D12 or equivalent with a sidemount system

The Cave 1 course can be done directly on the rebreather. The following additional requirements have to be fulfilled:

- at least Rebreather Brevet Level 1

- at least 20 logged dives after completion of level 1

Key data of the Cave 1 course

Duration: 7 days

The course can be done all at once or in blocks. We respond to your personal needs !

Our courses are offered as a "carefree" package. The following services are included:

- Daily admission to the mine

- Bottle fillings

- certification

- organic T-Shirt

- 7 days supervision by our instructor

In addition to the extensive theoretical training, we deal in this course, among other things, with the following practical training units:

- T pass places

- jump

- lost line

- line repair

- lost divers

- out of gas

- touch contact