Terms of use

Terms of use

1 Scope of application

The usage regulations apply to all scuba diving activities in the Slate Mine Felicitas Bad Fredeburg.

The operator is entitled, if necessary, to impose further conditions and restrictions at short notice, to amend or supplement the usage regulations. In particular, the operator (Drysuit Republic UG) reserves the right to change the requirements for the respective diver, his certification or the diving equipment at any time. Changes or restrictions will be announced by notice on site and on the Internet at www.drysuit-republic.de. If the user is already in possession of a day ticket or a ten-day ticket and can now no longer use it due to the changes made, he will be refunded the purchase price (in the case of the ten-day ticket on a pro rata basis). Further claims of the user, especially claims for damages or recourse are excluded.

The practice of diving in the slate mine is only allowed to divers with the appropriate qualification and equipment within the framework of these rules of use.

2 Authorization Procedure

The use of the slate mine Felicitas in Bad Fredeburg for the above mentioned activities, can only be approved with proof of an appropriate Cave Brevetierung or Mine Diver Brevetierung.

The permission of use is granted for the duration of one calendar day.

The operator reserves the right to withdraw the use permit from any diver at any time without giving reasons.

The diver is obliged to sign in with the operator before the dive and sign out afterwards.

The diver is obliged to indicate the length of the dive beforehand.

The operator points out that if the diver fails to sign out or exceeds the specified diving time by more than 45 minutes, the rescue chain may be set in motion. If the user is responsible for this by his omitted cancellation, he is liable for the resulting costs, as well as for the damage (including financial loss) incurred by the operator as a result of these rescue operations and the closure of the diving area.

3 Requirements for diving activities

The diver must have the appropriate certification.

A medical diving examination not older than 2 years must be available.

Divers over 40 years of age must have an annual diving physical examination.

The diver must present a valid diving insurance.

Diving is only allowed according to certification.

Diving is only allowed with appropriate cold protection (dry suit).

Diving is only allowed with two separate cold water suitable breathing regulators (redundant system).

Divers must be able to show at least 100 cold water dives (with dry suit) in the logbook on request of the operator.

Only the specified entrances are to be used for entry and exit.

The rules of use are to be followed. The diver confirms this by his signature.

Before the dive there will be a detailed briefing by a dive supervisor.

This includes ;

Behavior at the entrance
Behavior in the water
Safety relevant information
Emergency procedures
Emergency equipment
Surface areas
Signing in and out of the diver ( diver logbook )

4 Access to the mine

The use of the access road to the mine with a vehicle is allowed. The access roads are paved, cleared, winterized and suitable for driving. It is strongly advised to park all vehicles in front of the large hall next to the rolling gate. The operator is only liable for damages to vehicles if they are caused by intent or gross negligence.

5 Duties of the user

The user must refrain from the following on the mine premises and especially on the diving area:

Interfere with the natural environment

Bringing substances hazardous to water into the diving area

obstruct and disturb other visitors of the mine

To burn campfires and to barbecue

To operate power generators

Setting up sales booths (selling or offering diving articles)

The operation of compressors for the filling of diving equipment

The use of the diving area takes place under mutual consideration with the visitors of the Heilstollen.

Waste is to be disposed of properly by the person causing it.

The user accepts the control and house right of the representatives of Drysuit Republic UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

6 Offences

In case of violations, the operator is authorized to immediately revoke the day ticket or ten-day ticket of the violator. There will be no financial compensation.

7 Liability of the operator

The operator and its assistants, the Dive Center and its representatives and employees and vicarious agents are liable for damage claims of users in case of slight negligence only for violations of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations) and in accordance with the Product Liability Act. In this case, however, liability is limited to the amount of damages foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract and typical for this type of contract in the case of personal injury. In this context, cardinal obligations are understood to be those obligations that make the proper execution of the contract possible in the first place and on whose compliance the user may regularly rely. In all other respects, the pre-contractual, contractual and non-contractual liability of the operator and its assistants, the Dive Center and its representatives and employees and vicarious agents is limited to intent and gross negligence.

8 Data protection

According to § 33 BDSG, personal data will be collected and stored in the course of use. The operator commits himself to store this data only as far as it is necessary for the operation and not to use it further, unless the user has expressly agreed to it by other declaration. The operator also undertakes to delete this data as soon as it is no longer absolutely necessary for the operation of the site.