Zipper change


The hermetically sealed zipper is the heart of a drysuit. Unfortunately, it belongs to the category of "wearing parts".

Therefore, a replacement from time to time is indispensable. In our workshop we operate daily on the open heart. Your dry suit is in good hands with us and will serve you well again after the repair.

We work with professional industrial sewing machines and a sewing thread suitable for the purpose.

The correct installation procedure of a zipper depends on the particular drysuit. In trilaminate suits, zippers are usually sewn in and sealed. On neoprene suits, on the other hand, the zippers are glued in and sealed.

Our zipper change


  • separating the seams with a scalpel
  • grinding of the old sealing to ensure a strong connection
  • sewing on the new zipper with an industrial sewing machine
  • cut the zipper backing material into shape
  • degreasing of the sealing surfaces
  • manual sealing of the zipper-suit junction


  • removing the old zipper with thermie
  • removal of adhesive residues
  • grinding of the adhesive surface of the zipper
  • fitting of the new zipper
  • degreasing of the sealing surface
  • manual sealing of the zipper - suit transition.

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